Jared Emerson

The Man
Behind the Work

About Jared

I was born in Michigan in 1979, as the youngest of one brother and two sisters. My parents were strong in their faith and raised me in a loving Christian home. At 19, I attended WOLBI for a year and decided then that I wanted to pursue the arts. I actually had my first studio at Poe Mill, and in 2006, I had the opportunity to be a part of Art Crossing in downtown Greenville, where my studio is currently located.


My Style

My art styles vary, and include charcoals, oils, acrylics, graphite, and other mixed mediums. I love to work with individuals on commission pieces, as well as live performances. My live performances range from settings such as formal conferences and expo shows to concerts, cruises, and major sporting events. I also perform at intimate wedding receptions. These, too, are painted live.

What I Believe

My Faith Guides Me

The focus of my work is to capture the essence of what I create, whether it’s in a person, an object, or anything you can imagine or envision; I will capture it for you to enjoy for years and years. I come from a family of strong values, and I would describe my faith as a personal relationship with my Lord, Jesus. Christ has given me the strength to provide a level of intensity that pours onto my canvas at each event. Every stroke, every detail I do to the glory of God. If I didn’t believe in what I was doing, you would be able to see it in my work.

My Work has taken me to many places

Where I've Been

I have performed at these fundraisers, charities, concerts, and other events:

  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • BMW Charity Pro-Am
  • Heartstep Foundation
  • The Good News Club
  • CPC
  • Rape Crisis Center
  • Defenders for Children
  • Alex House
  • HIS Radio
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  • NewSong Concert
  • Salvador Concert
  • Tenth Ave. North Concert
  • K-LOVE Music Cruise
  • and many others

Who I've Painted

Celebrities, musicians, and athletes I have painted and met include:

  • George Hincapie
  • Don Felder
  • Jerry Rice
  • Javier Colon
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • DJ Unk
  • Lucas Glover
  • Edwin McCain
  • Michael Tait (vocalist)
  • Duncan of the NewsBoys
  • Emile Pandolfi
  • Lucas Glover
  • Marcus Lattimore
  • Connor Shaw
  • Dwayne Allen
  • Tim Tebow

"My faith has given me the strength to set a level of intensity
that pours onto the canvas every time I paint"

Jared Emerson