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Performance. Products. People.
Business & corporate services, with my special touch.

Performance. Products. People.

EThree was designed to provide artwork, supplies, and tutorial services to all who want them. Performance, products, and people: that’s the EThree mantra.


Contact me for performance opportunities, portraits, and much more. I am ready to turn my blank canvas into an inspirational expression of who you are.


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Art supplies. Gear. And a whole lot more. All with my personal touch.


Join with me; all are welcome. I deliver guidance, direction, and advice to a wide range of visual artists, to help develop their skills and amplify their talents.

The Mission
of E•Three

Art Reaches Everyone

From renowned icons and athletes, like Muhammed Ali and Jerry Rice, to engagement couples and family portraits, I’ve had the opportunity to paint people from all walks of life. Despite differing culture, craft, abilities, or even team loyalty, art brings them together.

What unites them all is a desire for artwork that captures their essence and inspires them to go above and beyond themselves. I believe my mission, and the mission of E• Three, is to create artwork that does just that.


Need a portrait? I would love to. Interested in booking me for a performance? I would be honored. Or do you want something that’s totally unique? Talk to me about what you have in mind and we’ll go from there. No person is alike, and that’s why I employ all the tools in my arsenal to create something that truly captures your individuality.

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My goal is to create artwork that captures all that is unique to you— and inspires you to rise to greater heights. Let’s get the conversation started today.