A Letter from Jared

On February 23, 2017, Family Christian Stores announced they will be closing all 240 of their retail locations.  Family Christian has been a driving force in Christian retail for 85 years.  It was a place where people could go to seek God’s word through Bibles, books, music, movies, merchandise and personal encounters.

Family Christian offered child sponsorship for World Vision in their stores, raising millions of dollars to heal and save the lives of so many around the world.  Their work through their charitable ministry, the James Fund, offered healing and resources as they believed we are all called to “pure religion” by looking after widows and orphans in their distress.

I have come to know many of the people who were employed by Family Christian as we developed a product line of merchandise inspired by my art work.  Unfortunately, the merchandise and displays were just getting set in the stores a week before the news of the closing.  I am told that the stores will remain open as they begin to liquidate their merchandise before the doors close for good.  I have not been given a schedule of that timeline.  So please go to Family Christian to support them while they are still open.

For the many people who have contacted me about merchandise, you can still get it at the stores while supplies last.  After that, you can check my website www.jaredemerson.com to see where future merchandise will be available.

The store closings have saddened me, not because of our partnership, but because of the thousands of employees and vendors who will be affected.  It is also sad because it limits the options for millions of customers who looked to Family Christian for quality resources that helped them in their spiritual journey.

I encourage everyone to pray for the Kingdom as, together, we are the body of Christ and we must be aware and ready to reach out to those searching for answers.  I believe we must constantly seek God’s presence in our daily lives, for He gives us strength.  I am grateful for the “family” of Family Christian Stores and I hold them deeply in my prayers.

Serving our Lord, Jesus Christ,

Jared Emerson

For questions or concerns, please contact info@jaredemerson.com.

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